From a small team of 10 dedicated Dynamics F&O heroes, they have grown into a serious player at the international level, known as Dycotrade! This ERP provider of solutions for Commodity Trade Companies has experienced growth of 800% in recent years.

Currently, we are looking for 2 Solution Architects: Trade & Finance and Trade & Logistics.

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Dycotrade, as a commodity ERP (Dynamics F&O) provider, has created a solution based on three core functionalities: Trade, Finance, and Logistics, covering risks in the fast-paced world of listed bulk products, also known as Commodities. This entails specialized solutions that seamlessly integrate with an existing F&O system of the client in question or, in some cases, a yet-to-be-implemented F&O system. This means that Dycotrade implements both their CTRM software and F&O implementations, in that order.

What is the Market Like? What is the Added Value?

The constantly changing currency values, weather patterns, and global economic shifts increasingly impact the prices of food commodities and the ability to trade, ship, and finance products. This unique Dycotrade CTRM (Commodity Trading Risk Management) software system is specifically tailored for the market and provides clients with more certainty by offering the right insights, for example, through real-time dashboards. By providing a single solution for sourcing, selling, processing, shipping, and handling financial transactions associated with the entire chain, this agile solution reduces risks and increases profits – one of the reasons why this solution performs so well.

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Dycotrade's unique product is specifically designed for the Commodity Trade market, particularly for "soft commodities" and metals. The goal is to minimize risks through real-time dashboards that provide crucial insights. In trading millions of kilograms of grain or other foodstuffs, small price differences can have significant financial consequences. Ships need to arrive on time, and even a price difference of 0.01 cent can have a huge impact.

As a Solution Architect, it is your responsibility to develop in-depth knowledge of customer processes in this market and how they can be supported by the software. You ensure that you optimize the processes and that, through the design of the right solution, the customer's goals are achieved. You have insight into the possibilities within F&O and are willing to challenge them. From the outset, you are involved in the customer process, including the presales phase, to assess whether the customer's requirements are feasible. Sales closes the deal, but the design is your responsibility.

For this role, you have the opportunity to travel internationally to countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the USA, and Canada. This may happen regularly, but it is not a requirement. Due to Dycotrade's international nature, professional proficiency in the English language is essential.

We understand that most professionals do not have experience in the commodity market. Therefore, it is not a requirement to bring years of experience, but affinity with the market is important. That's why an academy has been set up to teach you everything you need to know about this industry, alongside gaining practical experience as quickly as possible.


In recent years, Dycotrade has experienced tremendous growth, and with the transition from VAR to ISV, we see that this growth will continue in the coming years. This opens up various career advancement opportunities, including roles such as Senior Solution Architect, Project Manager, member of the Management Team, you name it.

With our robust training and onboarding platform, the pace at which you develop is entirely in your hands. As you grow, you will also have a greater impact within the organization; for example, you may eventually take a talented junior under your wing when the time is right!

Wat wordt er gevraagd

Due to the complexity and scale of products in commodity trading, it is essential that you, as a Solution Architect, understand exactly which processes need to be supported and that everything seamlessly integrates. Therefore, we are looking for someone who has both technical knowledge, can think strategically, and is customer-oriented. You must be able to grasp the various facets of the market and translate them into effective solutions. Together, we can ensure optimal results and satisfied customers.

• Experience as a Senior F&O consultant or Solution Architect.

• Extensive knowledge of Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations.

• Strong communication skills.

• Minimum of 4 years of F&O experience.

• Fluent in English and Dutch.

• Motivation and drive to develop.

Wat wordt er aangeboden

• Competitive salary (65k –85k + car/mobility allowance).

• Car, laptop; all necessary equipment provided.

• Pension plan.

• Permanent contract.

• Informal and relaxed work atmosphere.

• Creative freedom; involvement in decision-making.

• Personal and professional growth opportunities; possibility to obtain

• Hybrid working.

• Possibility of international business trips.


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