Implementing tech changes, continuous improvement, and real aftercare. You are someone who dots the i's and understands that consultancy, above all, is a service. With a clear track record in Dynamics Finance, you always know how to solve issues in such a way that clients understand why, how, and when the solution works as it does. You might be a former implementation consultant, but you no longer want to travel so much, or you want to work more in a team setting. Today, I am looking for someone who wants to take the step to become a Managed Services Finance Consultant.

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As a commodity ERP (Dynamics F&O) provider, Dycotrade has created a solution based on three functionalities: Trade, Finance, and Logistics, which covers risks in the fast-paced world of exchange-traded bulk commodities. We are talking about our own specialized solutions that seamlessly integrate with an existing Microsoft Dynamics F&O system of the client in question or, in some cases, yet to be implemented F&O. This means that Dycotrade both implements their CTRM software and F&O implementations, in that order. How does the market work? What is the added value? Constantly changing currency values, weather patterns, and global economic changes increasingly impact the prices of food commodities and the ability to trade, ship, and finance products. This unique Dycotrade CTRM (Commodity Trading Risk Management) software system is specifically built for the market and provides the client with more certainty by, among other things, providing the right insights through, for example, real-time dashboards. By offering one solution for sourcing, selling, processing, shipping, and handling financial transactions related to the entire chain, this agile solution reduces risks and increases profit – one of the reasons why this solution performs so well.

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For the Managed Service (MS) team at Dycotrade, I am looking for an MS Finance consultant. The Managed Service team focuses on the post go-live phase of a project and takes care of one of the most neglected but crucial parts of the project cycle: aftercare. After the go-live of a project, Dycotrade ensures that there is a qualified person available for all clients who optimizes the implemented solution further to the client’s services/needs with tech changes, explanations, or trainings. To do this, you need to be able to break down the help request from a problem description and leave no stone unturned. Once you have crystallized the situation, with the client in question, you will troubleshoot and brainstorm with your team to come up with the best solution! This team consists of 2 trade/logistics, 3 finance, and 2 technical consultants, 5 developers, and management. So you see that you do not need to have the technical knowledge about HOW to create something but do need to know what is possible with regard to the financial modules of the CTRM of Dycotrade. This solution is, as previously explained, based on F&O.


Sometimes a client will call, and you will solve an issue, or perhaps you will find that the entire setup can be improved. On the other hand, a client’s service changes, and part of the solution becomes redundant, or the client is working incorrectly and needs specialized training. You can imagine that good people and problem-solving skills, in addition to agile working, and F&O (finance) knowledge are important. See below for more requirements.

Team Culture: What you can expect in the MS team: humor, respect, international/culturally rich, upbeat, healthy work pressure but certainly very positive. Even though your clients are in different time zones, Dycotrade only works from the EU time zone. Your working hours are from 8 to 5, you have a 1-hour lunch, and you are in the office 2/3 days a week. You also work from home if you want to.

Growth Opportunities:
Within the world of Commodity, various specializations are possible, for example, the dairy industry has different needs than grain. In the future, separate solutions/teams will be created for these, and while you are a Dynamics expert, you can also further specialize in a part of the market to provide real added value to your clients. Additionally, you can be trained as an internal trainer, and you can train your colleagues/new hires by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

Wat wordt er gevraagd

• Proficiency in Dutch (preferred) and English (required) • Experience in some form with finance and Dynamics F&O • Experience as an implementation consultant, end user, or Managed Service Support • Agile working + setting priorities • Ability to switch between different levels • Time management and handling a dynamic environment (not wanting repetitive work) • Customer-oriented approach

Wat wordt er aangeboden

• A fantastic, dedicated, and colorful team • An opportunity to continue growing • The opportunity to develop into a specialist within Dynamics and Commodity • Flexible workplace, hybrid working • Varied and challenging work • Pension • Travel allowance • Laptop • Certifications as needed/desired • You will be fully trained to become a commodity specialist and product expert at Dycotrade


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